USA Mask (Mask USA Association MUSA)      compiled by: Victor Chiang    86-15902157790 (Cn cell & Wechat)    5-2020   (en & cn version)      Link:  (usmac   (cnmac
" 美国源社 是提供一个促进中方和美方长期合作口罩机为主的平台,目标在短期引進100条生产线,安排每州有1~2 生产操作单位  "  

Our Concept... each countries should have maintain at least 50% capacity/facility
                        for their own PPE (personal Protection Equipment) in their country.

This Coronavirus made PPE a big Mess(short Supply, delay Shipment, surge Price..)
        in many countries  such as USA, Taiwan, Italy....  Put your Life in other person's hand.
*Why...     they are rely on import PPE too much(almost 90%)in the past
                  from foreign countries before pandemic happen.   
*Platform..  assist Today & Tomorrow's need for each aspect parties from start up & continuous..
                      Participated Parties ... MUSA ++
                    *fast automated production line provider.
                     *localization user & producer.
*Goal...      No or Low startup cost for the Qualified parties.
                  Quick  Depreciation (several months) , guarantee Cash flow & Sales.
                  Simplify & Trouble free Operation。
*Solution... move some existing Mask production lines (100) to USA immediately.
                  each production line can produce 100 pcs/min. ,  average cost around US$200K.    
                       with Local Governments support & promise.  Promote.... Brand "Mask-USA"

















100 Mask Production Lines  to Solve USA Today & Tomorrow Need !!!

         pcs/min    min/day    pcs/day    Efficiency    Ac pcs/day                           Lines                 Days               pcs/ave cost
USA    100       1440      144000        80%           115,200                          20,000,000            30   
Line>> 100    $200,000                                                      other cost>     122,760,000      345,600,000        $0.71
Cal >BYD        300,000,000    100,000,000                                            $142,760,000          Mo.Pcs           pcs/ave cost
        3.3                     0.55                2 mo.                   1 mo.    47.3%     $247,000,000     200,000,000    
    990,000,000     55,000,000     1,045,000,000          522,500,000             57.8%               172.8%             $2.61
Lines    Equip    Labor/8hr-mo    24 hrs./mo.    Material/pc                             **Using            **Production       **Saving:
$$       $200,000    $3000                                   $ 0.35                                57.8% Adv$$    72.8% more       about $1.99/pc
       Persons/Line   Shifts/Day                                                                         as our all          ***Analysis by:
                              3                18000         1,209,600       1,227,600          Capital.       Victor 5-2020

*$200,000:     Equip, Shipping,, Plant Remodel       (est. 3mt per line, Shipping 3000kg x 3 = $9000/line, Plant Remodel: $20,000/Line))
*$0.35:           include $0.05 Shipping fee
*100 Lines:     mixed with N95 & Surgical Mask (50-50), come from  Existing Cn plants (USA owned), new purchase..
*Unit: (100/4=25 units)    each plant... min. 4 Lines,  max. 10 lines.  (Diversity: States localization  & reducing Virus affect.)
*Investors:      USA new invstors- new & textile companies, Cn investors- Existing mask mfr (USA citizen, & others), Mask machine manufacturers,
*Operators:    Investors, Technicians (experienced)  ... if  Operation exceed our designated Efficiency Rate
                       (so far is 80%, the extra Profits generated will be distributed 100% to all employers to compensate their extra effort in careness work & extended hours. )
*Incentive:      USA policy... guarantee raw material supply, Certificates assistance,  Advanced Purchase Payment (50% mask price) during Pandemic period.
                      USA Priority (80% Government purchase after Pandemic for 5 years),    Free or Low interesting Loan for 5 years.
                      Visas grant-techancians-owners (2 per units).,  Low or Free Rent to use Government idled properties 5 years.  
                       all small business related benefits, New Employees Training Fees    Free Freight for Move Plant back to USA              
*Association:  100 Mask Association (OMA)... Members from Unit Owners, each members pay 5-10% net income to Association,
                       Function... Group Power... Mask Price  index, Trouble shooting/Problem solve, general  Accounting,  PR & Legel,  Insurance..Raw Material Purchase
                      Tech. Research...  other PPE Investment.  IPO preparation,                    
*Site:              must be meet FDA/CDC/Noish standard for medical mask production, if no standards available, at least we will meet in Food Grade Process plant standard, plus
                      we will enforce our own Special Operation (QA) Prcedure during Covid-19 period protection plan. such as wear Mask, head Cover, Shoes cover, Glove,
                      wash hadns before enter working area & 24-hrs Video  Supervised & Recorded.                                   (Design & Draft by: vic  5-15-2020)

*200000美元:设备、运输、工厂改造(预计。每行3公吨,装运 3000公斤x 3=9000美元/行,工厂改造:20000美元/行)
















进入工作区域前清洗阴凉处,24小时视频监控和记录。(设计和起草:vic 5-15-2020)

Machine/Line Record  

Line No.- Unit No., ; Category (N95/edical Surgical Mask), Name (machine & Maker), Yr, Condition, pcs/min., Certificate,  Estimated Value, 
Owner: Name, Cell/email, Citizen, Avail Date, Owner will Supervise, Need Visa Assist,  with Technician (one per 4 lines);
Weight, Location, nearby Airport-Seaprt,   (Pic, Date, Inspected by, Coordinate by)

生产线号-单元号;类别(N95/医用外科口罩)、名称(机器和制造 商)、年份、条件、件数/分钟、证书、估计值,

Standard                           target  Mask..... BYD.   Must meet & above their Quality. 


黃的材質比較薄是八月份時用於Kaiser隔離病房探訪要戴的, 17.5x9  (3-2020)

這兩個為小朋友用的粉紅有裝透明密封套是14.5x9公分     (3-2020)

這兩張是Kaiser 給看醫用的,18x9.5 公分材質最好內張舒適寛鬆,目前天天戴的就是此款    (3-2020)
另外一個是9x14公分比較小應是中華敎會為Sonoma 大火時幫助捐那邊教會用剩的,大摡是來自大陸

小的中間稀薄幾乎要破裂,是公寓地震急救箱置放的,非常不好,大的有出產工廠名   (3-2020)