USA existing Mask Machines   & 3-29-2020  History USA mask Delivery Trip!!
          " 美国源社 是提供一个促进中方和美方长期合作口罩机为主的平台,目标在短期引進100条生产线,安排每州有1~2 生产操作单位  "  

. New NCarolina Mfr,   0402 ShenZhen>Boston Plane    DPA《国防生产法案》授予总统的权力  (Defense Production Act)   0410DPAmasklines    FEMA 

USA New Mask Mfr    3-2020    North Carolina    704-457-3003   700 South Batteground Ave, Grover, NC 28073

Founded in 1997, Beautiful Nonwoven Company is one of largest nonwoven fabric enterprises in China.
Beautiful Nonwoven occupies an area of 160,000 square meters and has obtained certificates such as ISO 9001:2000, ISO13485 Quality Control System, TUV(CE0197) Medical Manufacturer Certificate, Disney Production Admission, and Chinese Medical Devices Assembly-line and FDA registration. Beautiful Nonwovens is equipped with a clean room area of 13,000 square meters and produces 50,000 metric tons of nonwoven fabrics annually, which are widely applied in hygienic, medical, protective and industrial applications.
     Founded in 1993, CL Enterprise is a manufacturer of spunbond lines featuring PP, SMS, SSMMS, PET, PE/PP (bi-component) and PLA (poly-lactic acid). CL Enterprise has supplied over 500 various production lines which are popular in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. The production lines are widely used in industrial, agriculture, national defense, medical and health care, sports tourism, home decoration, packaging and other market segments

北卡华人企业 Uniquetex 在北卡建成口罩生产自动线 (803) 629-0038 •    发表时间:2020-03-22 02:05:40
据南北卡商会会长王晴介绍,商会会员Uniquetex 为了帮助美国抵抗冠状病毒,本周建成口罩生产自动线,正式启动,可以供应大量民用口罩。
北卡夏洛特 (Charlotte, NC) 附近的 Uniquetex LLC 公司空运三套口罩设备运到美国,有一套已经安装试车
如果三套设备全部投入生产后,有望每天 生产20万个普通一次性口罩! 现急需 打包员,操作员,发货员5至 10名!,


北卡众议院议长提姆•莫尔 (NC house speaker Tim Moor) 为该公司发布的新闻:


有關口罩。已有美國產品, 工廠在 德州奧斯汀,  是家新成立的工廠, 產medical surgical mask 和 N95 mask. 
可上網訂購 價格公道, 才$25 for a pack of 50. 請大家支持 "Buy America"!!!  拒買中國貨!!!  
這是一家start up company in Austin. Just got FDA approval, can produce one million per day. Started online sale just yesterday.
You can also google the company Armbrust American to know the story.

很好,N95 的口罩要在九月份以后才能出来,现在是生产一次用的口罩,